Nova Scotia in 2014

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Here you’ll find whatever I’m in the mood to share… updates, scraps of things that I’m working on, images that I really like but can’t exactly say why…

I’m a Nova Scotian transplant, living in Toronto. I visit the briny coast when I can, and while I’m usually squeezing every drop of love out of my people, sometimes I escape with a camera.

So here are some images from the last year, all taken in Nova Scotia. Feel that ocean breeze! Avoid the dead seal!


This past December, Mom and I went for a walk at Duncan’s Cove. We had a really lively conversation, which I vividly remember when I look at these photos.

In the summer, I visited the farm where my brother was living. He’s a barnyard soul. Every time I see him, Morgan has some eccentric new hobby, and this time it’s a potentially lethal hunk of metal that he gracefully flings around at the end of a rope. In case you were wondering about that last photo.

My dear old friend Alex and his gf Nina paid me a visit. I took them to East Pine Lake, where we went skinnydipping in the misty morning, and avoided scraping our knees (and other parts) on the unforgiving granite.

The great lakes just don’t do it for me like the ocean do it for me.

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