Une Autre Dimension de Mouvement

This is a video project I worked on in December with my dancer friend Mathilde and my in-house audio guy, Lu Slone. I was learning Premiere at the time, and this provided the perfect opportunity to explore the program. I may have gone a bit overboard, but I’ve always had trouble with moderation…

Previous to the shoot, I asked Mathilde for a song suggestion. She chose “Balcasio” by Balkan Beat Box. Then she came to the studio and danced to the same song, over and over, while I filmed. I was so impressed with her spontaneity and presence. I also recorded her speaking a bit about her experience as a dancer, her relationship with movement and audience. Lu took this material and wove it into the fabric of the piece in a beautiful way.

Motion has only recently been introduced into the curriculum at Humber, but I feel lucky to have been pushed to explore the medium, and I’m really looking forward to creating more video projects. My next goal: learn to animate titles using After Effects! I think the titles are the weakest link in this piece.

I just love collaborating with talented folks.

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