Toronto Online Dating Profile Photography 

As anyone who's tried online dating knows, photos are really, really important! Unfortunately, most of us don't have pro photographers following us around capturing our best angles, and selfies are just so... awkward! What's a person supposed to do??

Lucky for you, I've been helping people solve this problem for years. I will work with you to add flattering, natural, eye-catching images to your profile.

*Please note: All bookings suspended until March of 2022. It's cold out there... I'll see you in the spring!

**Covid-19 Update**

Since I shoot outdoors, and it is possible to maintain the required 2 meters for social distancing during our session, my service is low risk. Therefore I am currently accepting bookings

I will be taking the following measures to reduce risk of contributing to COVID-19 community transmission via operations:

  • All clients will be asked to self-disclose if they have experience symptoms, or have travelled in the last 14 days.
  • We will not be using any indoor facilities, so your outfit changes must be outer layers only.

If you have questions or concerns about your booking, please send a note here!
Otherwise keep scrolling for package info,  booking button, FAQ and testimonials! 

With lighthearted vibes, I make the most of our time together, coaxing real smiles from even the most camera-shy!
It's a casual, fun hour of strolling and chatting.
I'll keep you busy exploring some of my favourite locations in Toronto, and honestly, you'll be shocked at how the time flies.

Over the years, I've heard two phrases repeated over and over:
    "Wow. This is so much easier than I expected." 
    "This is actually pretty fun!"

And as a camera-shy gal myself, I know how much that means.

The Package

1 hour session
3 different looks (outfit changes)
100+ images for you to choose from
10 final high-res photos of your choice

**Please note- if you are unable to find an appointment time that works for you via the booking button below, please send an email, and we can discuss availability!

I look forward to hearing from you! 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m really shy/weird about having my photo taken. What can I do about this?
A: Find a photographer who knows how to make people feel at ease and comfortable. Find a photographer who prefers to work with regular folks instead of models. Find a photographer who loves coaxing that genuine smile... 
Oh wait… you already have!

Q: Where do you shoot?
A: For dating headshots, I shoot on location with natural light. We’re going for a relaxed, casual vibe, and a neutral outdoor location keeps the focus on you. Toronto has an abundance of great public space. These days, I am exclusively shooting in and around Trinity Bellwoods, in downtown Toronto!

Q: Do I get to keep all the photos taken during the shoot?
A: The package includes ten high-res photos. You get to choose these from the 100+ taken during our shoot. I provide a Dropbox gallery of watermarked JPEG previews that you can download and sort through at your leisure.

Q: My profile needs help, fast! How long will it take to get the final photos?
A: I’m quick! Within 2 business days, I’ll upload all the photos from our shoot. You can take as much time as you like to review the images. After you send me your selection, I’ll send you the final, high-res JPEGs within another 2 business days.

Q: What should I wear?
A: The hour long session allows for three different looks, so think about three dates that you would go on. Perhaps you want to try three levels; casual, put-together, and formal. Or maybe you just have three fave date outfits, three favourite shirts, etc. I generally suggest solids over prints, and darker colours over bright ones- but I’m also a big fan of clothes that show your personality. This is about your individuality, and highlighting the things that make you special.
Definitely stick to clothing that you’ve owned and loved for a while. There’s a time and a place to test-drive new threads, and this isn’t it!

Please note- due to COVID-19 I now suggest that you wear a base layer (running shorts and muscle tee, for example) under your clothes, so that you can easily change outfits. Often a change of shirt is all it takes for a totally new look!

Q: Um... how am I supposed to change in the middle of our shoot?

A: Since public washrooms are currently out of service due to COVID-19, I am suggesting simpler outfit changes, where possible, and wearing base layers so that you can change your look... and avoid scandalizing innocent bystanders!

Q: It’s a cloudy day! Should we reschedule?
A: Cloudy days are great for portrait photography! 

Q: Ok, but now it's pouring rain! Should we reschedule?

A: Yes, if the weather is miserable, I have absolutely no problem rescheduling.

Q: There are so many great photos, I can’t choose just 10! Can I have more?
A: Definitely! If we had a really great shoot and you’d like to keep more than the ten included final photos, additional images can be purchased at $30/file.

Q: Can I bring a friend for moral support?
A: Absolutely. I encourage this! Also, if you and your friend both need pics, ask me about my reduced rate for pals who come together. It means that we can get great, candid-looking shots of you in conversation with your friend. 


"Hannah is extremely personable and will put you at ease immediately!  I really dislike having my picture taken and never seem to have a "good" picture of myself.  I can't believe how great the pictures turned out ... I'm having a really tough time picking only 10!!  I couldn't recommend Hannah more.  I received my pictures for review within hours of having our photo shoot.  She's super friendly, you feel like you're out with one of your good friends who just happens to be a very talented photographer - that's how at ease and comfortable you'll feel."

"Hannah was a pleasure to deal with! The shoot was fun and relaxed, and she really knew her way around the location! We got some great shots which she turned around and got to me within just a couple days of the shoot. The pictures that we took have received positive reviews by everyone who has seen them! Online profiles, friends and family. Hannah made me look great! I would recommend Hannah’s service to anyone looking to get some professional shots taken!”
-Frazer, 24

"I was a little nervous about the photo shoot as I don't generally enjoy being photographed, but Hannah's friendly attitude and professionalism really put me at ease! She knew just what to do to make me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience and would absolutely recommend her services."
-Annie, 35

"After my session with Hannah, I created a profile on Plenty of Fish and literally got several messages flowing in. I don't even have time to browse as I'm barely able to respond to everyone...The pictures were crucial. Thanks Hannah!" 
-Anonymous (male)

"Working with Hannah was a blast. She was calm, friendly, professional and knew right away what I wanted to achieve. As a photographer, Hannah has a keen eye an a natural feel for working with clients who are not professional models. She respected my time and was willing to work around my busy schedule. What would definitely bring me back is the amazing quality of her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

"I am not someone who usually enjoys being photographed, but I was thinking of getting back into online dating and, having been advised in the past that the photos I had used were not the most flattering, I decided to contact Hannah.  She picked a fantastic outdoor location with a number of interesting background options.  Her manner throughout the shoot was charming, reassuring and professional.  When I had difficulty looking natural, due to my mild discomfort with posing for the camera, she was very helpful with suggestions and I always felt like I was in capable hands.  In the end, I came away feeling very positive about the experience, and I had a lot of great photographs to choose from.  I would recommend Hannah without reservation."

"I made the decision to enter the world of online dating, but knew any pictures I had of myself were outdated or not as attractive as I thought they could be. I also thought how great it would be to finally have a professional picture of myself. One I could be proud of.
So, I began my search for a photographer that didn't cost a fortune and where I wouldn't be stuck in a sterile studio for the shoot. Luckily, I found Hannah. She is exactly what you need in this situation - flexible, positive, honest, dependable, open, and encouraging.
I felt a little nervous at the beginning of the process, but Hannah quickly soothed my anxieties. I enthusiastically recommend her professional services. You won't be sorry."

"Hannah was great, and made me feel very comfortable taking pictures. It was my first time doing something like this and she even referred me to more dating sites to try (OKCupid). I've already just went on a date, which I could assume was the help of the new pictures I've posted on POF."

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